Tendon Injury

In the hand, there are tendons that flex (bend towards the palm) and extend (open away from the palm) your fingers. Injuries to these tendons may occur from lacerations sustained during activities such as cutting with a knife or handling broken glass. After sustaining an injury to a tendon, hand dysfunction and a lack of previously existing finger movement occur.  The location of the injury may affect surgical outcomes. Acute injuries are commonly repaired utilizing a variety of suture (sewing) techniques. Chronic injuries may require alternative treatment options including reconstruction. Post-operative rehabilitation of these injuries typically involves a guided program under the supervision of a therapist and a splinting regimen.  Evaluation and management of tendon injuries involve complex decision-making and should be discussed with your treating physician.

Outcomes after Hand Surgery vary and risks and benefits should be discussed in detail with your treating physician. 

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to covey, substitute or supplant any medical advice. In order to establish a treating relationship, please schedule and complete your visits with a licensed physician.

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