Tennis and golfer’s elbow

Pain around the elbow may create significant discomfort and interfere with daily activities. Symptoms may be located around the lateral (outside area) elbow or the medial (inside area) elbow. Tennis elbow commonly creates lateral-sided discomfort and golfer’s elbow may affect the medial elbow. With tennis elbow, the ligamentous origin of the muscles that extend your wrist are generating pain. With golfer’s elbow, the ligamentous origin of muscles that flex your wrist and pronate (rotate) your forearm may be affected. 

Activity modification and avoidance of prolonged repetitive motion may help improve symptoms. Wearing a properly positioned wrist brace may also help with symptoms. Wearing a wrist brace allows the muscles which move the wrist but originate at the elbow to relax. Therapy and an exercise regimen often assist with the resolution of symptoms. Other non-operative treatments include cortisone injection and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection.

Occasionally, surgical treatments are considered. Options for tennis elbow include open and arthroscopic techniques. Outcomes after surgery vary and risks and benefits should be discussed in detail with your treating physician. Non-operative treatment also carries risks and benefits which should be discussed with your treating physician.

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