Wrist Arthroscopy

Sports injuries and ligamentous injuries of the wrist occur both from direct trauma and may also occur slowly over time. Despite nonsurgical treatment options (splinting, over-the-counter medications, etc.), pain may persist over the dorsum (back) or ulnar (opposite side from the thumb) aspect of the wrist. In certain scenarios, including those immediately after the specific injury or those involving chronic discomfort, advanced imaging such as MRI may be indicated and should be discussed with your physician. Identification of specific ligamentous injuries are occasionally further evaluated and treated with the assistance of wrist arthroscopy. During wrist arthroscopy, a small camera would be inserted into the wrist joints and utilized to evaluate the extent of ligamentous damage. Thereafter, additional surgical intervention may proceed as indicated. Outcomes after surgery vary and risks and benefits should be discussed in detail with your treating physician. Non-operative treatment also carries risks and benefits which should be discussed with your treating physician.

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